Hosting Child Development Services

Among the organizations affected by our proposed renovation project is Child Development Services (CDS), whose service Hope Church has a long history hosting. There are multiple parts of the facility that they use in providing day care for children, and our project will have various effects.

The definite change is a relocation of the first-floor office, from its current location just outside the current youth room to one of the offices just inside the 10th Street entrance. Sherri and Kristin, who met with us representing CDS, agree that this move can make them easier to find and make no difference to operations. (Signage at that entrance should be considered in a cohesive and helpful way.)

The office is used full-time by one person; there’s an additional workstation that’s a touch-down for staff members’ occasional short-term use. Parents (individually or as a couple) may come to the office for a confidential meeting with the staff person. Staff stop in to clock in, and parents stop by to deliver tuition payments. The current Dutch door is used.

CDS will continue to need space for existing office equipment, which includes a floor-standing copy machine, shredder, printer, and two computers. CDS has its own phone lines, which will need to be moved in coordination with other building changes. The current office also includes a fair amount of storage, mostly for paper records but also for supplies. A new office could be less square footage if the equipment, storage, and activities are still accommodated. All furnishings in the current office belong to CDS; the assumption is that they’ll furnish the new office.

Several varieties of meetings are held in adjacent meeting rooms. Monthly early-evening parent meetings of 15 to 20 people occur in the youth room; so do day-time staff meetings of up to 10 people. The youth room also functions as a staff break room, with lunches stored in the refrigerator there. Room 106 is a viable substitute location for those meetings if construction is planned in phases.

Room 106 is also used for indoor play on rainy days. Kristin and Sherri say that summer would be the best time for that room to be unavailable to them, since there are outdoor options for play in that season.

Considerations for construction phase include assuring access to two fire escapes and assuring good air quality. Kristin and Sherri will check with licensing folks to see if there are additional considerations of which we should be aware. Current plans call for minimal changes in the education wing, which we hope minimize impact on CDS operations; Kristin and Sherri note that if they need to close for a week at some point, closing the week of July 4 typically has least impact.

This page represents conversation in process; the Living Hope Design Team will continue to develop this thinking, and Hope Church members are welcome to add their perspectives. If you subscribe to this blog, please look online for the latest version of any post.


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