A New Approach for the Library

The Christian Education Ministry provided feedback on the initial proposal of the Living Hope Design Team that instead of being in an enclosed room called a “library,” the church book collection be more accessible on shelves in a more public space.

As we discussed the approach, it became clear that the books called “the library” really comprise a number of collections: archival materials held on behalf of the church, children’s books, youth books, books recommended by the Health Ministry, books for the reading group, books by Hope Church authors (which may cross categories, as well), and likely more.

The Christian Ed Ministry embraces the idea of rethinking how we incorporate a “library” into the life of Hope Church. This is early thinking, but examples of alternative approaches might be:

  • Having kids’ books on a mobile cart in the hallway where kids and their parents might be waiting for siblings after Children in Worship–or passing by on their way home.
  • Making health books available on a mobile cart near a Health Ministry bulletin board.
  • Doing something inspired by the “little free library movement,” where members could more actively exchange books they’re currently reading or recommend.
  • Including a bookshelf for appropriate books in the youth room or in Room 106, especially if that room realizes the “arts-friendly” vision.

Christian Ed will take the lead on formulating a recommendation, with the possible exception of determining the future of archival items. They recognize that this will require some re-thinking of how the library “assets” are managed, including check-in and check-out; different “collections” may require different processes and levels of management.

This page represents conversation in process; Hope Church members are welcome to add their perspectives. If you subscribe to this blog, please look online for the latest version of any post.


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