Hosting Washington School Neighbors

Andrew Spidahl and Janelle Lopez Koolhaas, the current community connectors for Washington School Neighbors, considered the proposal currently planned for their office. They agree there’s an advantage to having the offices accessible on the same side of the facility as the community garden plots.

The space planned is smaller than what’s currently in use, but it should be workable. They ask whether the door from the hallway to the office can have a window for mutual safety of staff and visitors. Currently, both connectors infrequently overlap with office hours unless they plan to coincide for working meetings.

Furniture is theoretically the responsibility of Washington School Neighbors, although our current staffing (with Andrew as a Hope Church employee devoting half time to two initiatives) blurs that. What’s needed is simple work surface for two, adjacent conference area, and some filing. Storage for event supplies and some hospitality is required.

The overall vibe for the space is intended to be more like a studio, kitchen, or study than an institutional office.

Other rooms are currently used by Washington School Neighbors–most often the Youth Room and Room 106 because of proximity. Events include board meetings and gatherings of neighbors, both of which it’s assumed can be accommodated in the renovated facility.

Two questions for overall facility planning:

  • For hospitality, will there be coatracks available in hallways adjacent? Or is separate planning required?
  • Can reliable wireless access be anticipated?

This page represents conversation in process; the Living Hope Design Team will continue to develop this thinking, and Hope Church members are welcome to add their perspectives. If you subscribe to this blog, please look online for the latest version of any post.


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