Consistory Approves Moving Forward

As Don Luidens, elder and co-chair of Stewardship and Finance shared with the congregation Sunday during Life of Hope, Consistory, at its June 15 meeting, directed the design and capital campaign teams to move forward with the Living Hope facility renovation project.

After discussion, Consistory requested that the elevator for the education wing, which had been included as an “alternate,” be formally included in the project. While this requires more fundraising, it was felt to be an important component of “welcoming all.”

The next step is more detailed financial planning, assuring that we can have resources available to fund construction as pledged contributions are received. Elevate and Elzinga & Volkers, our architect and construction manager, will be re-engaged when that step is confirmed, to finalize designs and develop construction documents.

And while Consistory noted “superb” and “tremendous” progress in fundraising, as measured both by the number of donors (150) and the dollar amount of pledges received (in round numbers, $2.15 million of our $3 million goal), the capital campaign team will continue its work concurrently.

As Don said, “We hope you’ll all get a chance in the next year to clap and stand up for this project,” as Consistory did last week.


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