Congregational Meeting Update

The Congregational Meeting held yesterday included an update on the progress of the Living Hope Design Team’s work, as well as the progress of the Capital Campaign Team.

On behalf of the Design Team, Lois Maassen reported that we completed the Design and Development phase before the holidays; during that phase more details were added to our conceptual plans so that we could affirm that what we envisioned was both doable and affordable. We hit some bumps in the road, especially with mechanical systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, or HVAC) and fire suppression, but were able to assure that the plans still meet the objectives of our design brief.

We were successful in receiving Certificates of Appropriateness from the Holland Historic Commission for four aspects of our plans, including the parking-lot-entrance canopy, the chapel in-fill construction, and the west-side ramp.

With the new year, we began the next phase of the process, which is Construction Documents. In this phase, we document all intentions so that we can go out for bids in early March.

As things stand, construction begins in earnest in April; the construction is phased over different parts of the site and concludes in February 2017. Opportunities for members and friends to contribute their skills and energy start now, with a facelift for Room 106.

Sam Martin also reported on the work of the Capital Campaign Team. Arrangements have been made for construction loans through the RCA Growth Fund, which uses interest to support church starts (and extends our benevolence giving). In round numbers (because they change regularly), we have received pledges for about two-thirds of the total needed; about one-third has already been contributed. The Capital Campaign Team will continue its work to assure that resources are available.


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