CDS Anticipates Elevator

Judy VanderWilt passed along this message in affirmation of our plans to add an elevator to the education wing: “Last week at the CDS [Child Development Services] board meeting, [someone] reported she had had a meeting… to go over how our building project will impact CDS. Of interest to you–and me–was her excitement over plans for the elevator.

“Ways in which the elevator will serve them were identified. She noted how grandparents who often pick up children will find the elevator helpful. Further, some children who find it difficult to climb the stairs would benefit. And then a young mother on the board mentioned how she would have benefited immensely from an elevator; she had two children very close in age and couldn’t carry both of them at once–and so she never went anywhere without a stroller. So for her, too, an elevator would have been very welcome.
“It was good for me to realize how beneficial the elevator will be to CDS, as well as to members of our congregation–and I thought you might like to hear those comments from CDS, too.”

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