Change Is Underway!

We’re very close to being able to share the schedule for construction, and to distributing regular updates from Elzinga & Volkers, our construction managers. In the meantime, here are a few highlights of what you might see if you wander around the church next week:

  • Some of the staff have moved into temporary office locations. Karla Kammeraad-Bos is now working from the choir room; Beth Carroll and Andrew Spidahl are working from Room 106. Kids Hope is also using Room 106 as its home base.
  • Our Elzinga & Volkers field manager, Joe Shashaguay, is on site most of each day. He’s been learning about our building and plans and hosting people investigating the project as part of the bidding process or to plan work.

Step one of our plans is to renovate Room 108 and the offices at the east end of that corridor. That’s so that the Child Development Services can move into their new home in a refreshed Room 108 with minimal disruption. When they’ve relocated, larger-scale work can begin in the youth room and surrounding structure.

We’ll continue to have opportunities for Hope Church members and friends to pitch in, organizing and moving to clear the path for construction and, eventually, doing construction tasks, too. Watch for scheduled opportunities, and contact the church office or Lois Maassen if you’d like to be sure you’re notified!


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