Memorial Rose Window in New Home

The Nicodemus Bosch memorial rose window has been placed in its new home, on the south wall of the new chapel! There’s more work to be done, as layers of glass will protect the historic stained glass, but it’s exciting–and stress-reducing for our construction team–to see this step toward completion.

rose-window-in-chapelJudy Parr’s history book says this about the window: “In the late 1940s, Emma Bosch and the Randall C Bosch and Gerald J. Bosch families donated a rose window in memory of Nicodemus Bosch. Originally placed above the Last Supper woodcarving on the north wall of the chapel, it was removed to accommodate pipes for a new organ installation in 1965….”

Most recently, the window has been in the wall between the library and the Gathering Area.

Again, from Judy’s research: “The window, with a Communion chalice at the center, symbolizes the ‘communion in Jesus Christ which is essential to… our worship, fellowship, and social ministry.'”

Its symbolism and history make the window an especially meaningful element of our new chapel.


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