Through the many events marking 150 years of ministry at Hope Church in 2012, “a living hope,” the phrase from first Peter, expressed the spirit and the substance of the celebration. Our sesquicentennial was a time both to look back and to look forward. Through many conversations and working sessions, we determined that among the ways we could support our future was with renovations to our facilities—to make them better support our current ministry and prepare for future generations’ continued faithfulness to the mission of Hope Church.

Why is now the time to act?

Our facility requires significant investment for maintenance. Some of the complications of addressing the immediate problems arise from the last 50 years of facility development, during which we have completed multiple smaller-scale projects. As a result, we have a hodgepodge of HVAC, rooflines, and walkways. We are not content with the experience that results.

We could invest only to address the immediate problems. We acknowledge with gratitude, though, that generations before ours thought about and invested in the future and how the facility would serve it. We believe that the same thinking and investment are required of us now, so that Hope Church remains a vital community and voice, continuing to serve current members and attracting new ones.

In addition to eliminating some maintenance issues and supporting new activities, we believe that a renovated facility can be at least cost-neutral to operate, if not more cost-effective, lessening the financial burden on future generations and bearing witness to how congregations can respond to the call to care for creation.

Having just completed 150 years of service and witness in our community, we believe it is time to look ahead to the next 150 years.


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