Help Us Banish Drywall Dust!

As the construction of the Living Hope project wraps up, we seek volunteers to help clean! We’ll be washing walls and windows, vacuuming new carpets, wiping out cupboards, removing stickers from glass… whatever it takes to make the newly finished rooms ready for furniture and use!

We’re looking for volunteers for four dates; we’ll choose the options that work best or cancel dates when the work is done. Please follow this link to indicate which of the dates might work for you. Under consideration are

  • Tuesday, February 7, 9:30 a.m.
  • Wednesday, February 8, 9:30 a.m.
  • Thursday, February 9, 9:30 a.m.
  • Tuesday, February 14, 9:30 a.m.

Once again, many hands make light work, and we can prove it with your help!


Priming Project Moved to Saturday, July 30

Humidity has not been a friend to our drywall finishing in the new youth room and nursery. The priming previously planned for Thursday this week has been postponed to Saturday, July 30, to assure adequate drying time.

Is painting your passion? Can you help prime walls in the morning, afternoon, or both on Saturday? Please sign up via this online form (which lists other volunteer opportunities as well) or contact the church office or Lois Maassen to let us know.

It takes a village, sometimes wielding paintbrushes and rollers!


Volunteers sought for painting and cleaning

We see the light at the end of the tunnel–or at least at one turn in the tunnel! The first-phase construction is nearing its conclusion, which means that the new youth room, new nursery, and renovated Commons 1 and 2 will be available for use.

We’re looking for volunteers to

  • Prime walls in the nursery and youth room on July 28 (some chance this will be delayed, since the weather and humidity have not been friendly to drying times)
  • Clean the nursery and youth room when construction is finished, on August 13
  • Clean Commons 1 and 2 when construction is finished, on August 20

If you can help with any of those needs, please follow this link to an online form to provide your contact information, or contact the church office. On the form, you’ll also see a need for volunteers to help the church staff vacate their current offices, disassembling furniture for storage or disposal.

Next up: Completing the entrance canopy and parking lot, and then moving in to the renovation of the primary staff offices!

You, Too, Can Pitch in on the Living Hope Renovation!

As the construction moves forward, we’re getting more clear on the schedule for various parts of the project, which means we know when we can use volunteers to help out with various aspects. We have these opportunities upcoming:

  • Cart debris (removed carpet, ceiling tiles, etc.) from the Commons to the parking lot dumpster the weeks of May 30 and June 6. You can sign up for this right now. If you can bring a friend or would be available at another time than suggested, make that note in question 3.
  • In late June or early July, put horizontal blocks into stud walls in the nursery and youth rooms and connected bathrooms. No need for an immediate commitment; if you think you can help, add your name to our mailing list and we’ll contact you when the schedule is clear.
  • In July, prime the walls in the youth room and nursery. Again, add your name to the list of possible volunteers and we’ll contact you when the schedule is firm.
  • In August and then again in October or November, place ceiling tiles in the overhead grid. Let us know if your name should be on the list of possible volunteers and we’ll be in touch when we have solid dates.
  • In February, do a final “before-occupancy” cleaning of the new and renovated parts of the building! This will be pretty satisfying, we think, so let us know if you’d like to be contacted when dates are known.

And finally, there will be other opportunities, we’re quite sure, along the way. If you have specific skills you’d like to offer, or make that note in response to the last question on the online form.

Whether you’re able to pitch in or not, the Living Hope team appreciates your encouragement and patience along the way!

Construction Begins Today!

For the benefit of anyone who’s away on spring break or was otherwise unable to be at church yesterday, here’s the update, more or less, that was shared by Lois Maassen during Life of Hope:

The weather in the previous 48 hours is a pretty good metaphor for the phase we’re entering with our renovation project. The six inches of snow (in April!) offered some excitement, if you like that sort of thing; we also have to acknowledge that there’s a little inconvenience and disruption. And we know that real spring, when it arrives, will be even sweeter for having had this last gasp of winter.

Our renovation project really began in February, with a facelift in Room 106 and probably a literal ton of decluttering and organizing. Thanks to the staff and a number of volunteers for their hours of work in getting us ready for next steps!

Over the last week or so, a number of people have moved into temporary “homes” while other spaces are renovated. Karla is now working in the choir room; Jocelyn is headquartered upstairs in the education wing. Beth, Andrew, and the Kids Hope coordinators are located in Room 106.

Today is the day that “real” construction starts, meaning it’s done by our professional construction team rather than DIY.

We’ll do our best to communicate construction plans in advance of their effects, but keep in mind that planning construction is a little bit like weather forecasting: Unforeseen circumstances, like a weather pattern that moves 30 miles to the north or south, are likely to happen. We’re keeping in mind our metaphorical Spring: A facility that is more welcoming, accessible, flexible, and sustainable.

In the meantime, your prayers are requested: for safety, low stress, and a sense of humor for all of us as we navigate then next months. (We’ll also communicate future volunteer needs; notify Lois Maassen or the church office if you’d like to be sure to be on that mailing list.)

Change Is Underway!

We’re very close to being able to share the schedule for construction, and to distributing regular updates from Elzinga & Volkers, our construction managers. In the meantime, here are a few highlights of what you might see if you wander around the church next week:

  • Some of the staff have moved into temporary office locations. Karla Kammeraad-Bos is now working from the choir room; Beth Carroll and Andrew Spidahl are working from Room 106. Kids Hope is also using Room 106 as its home base.
  • Our Elzinga & Volkers field manager, Joe Shashaguay, is on site most of each day. He’s been learning about our building and plans and hosting people investigating the project as part of the bidding process or to plan work.

Step one of our plans is to renovate Room 108 and the offices at the east end of that corridor. That’s so that the Child Development Services can move into their new home in a refreshed Room 108 with minimal disruption. When they’ve relocated, larger-scale work can begin in the youth room and surrounding structure.

We’ll continue to have opportunities for Hope Church members and friends to pitch in, organizing and moving to clear the path for construction and, eventually, doing construction tasks, too. Watch for scheduled opportunities, and contact the church office or Lois Maassen if you’d like to be sure you’re notified!

Volunteers Sought for Saturday for Room 106

Room 106 has a whole lot of fresh face, but it needs a little more TLC to finish up this phase. On Saturday, March 5, starting at 8:30 a.m., Ben Sikkink is hoping a crew can finish up the painting and perhaps begin some cabinetry demolition and replacement.

Can you help? If you can, sign up at this online form or contact the church office, Lois Maassen, or Ben. Or, if you’re feeling spontaneous, just come to the 10th Street entrance at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday. (And if this Saturday doesn’t work but you’re willing to help with other parts of the Living Hope project, use the same online form to indicate your skills or preferences.)

The team has decided to postpone the replacement of the floor, having considered the heavy furniture that will need to be moved in and out as various office spaces are renovated. That part of the project will be completed after Room 106’s temporary use and before it’s available for its longer-term purpose.