Design Brief

What do we propose to do?

To serve our present needs and equip future generations at Hope Church by renovating our facility to

  • Be welcoming, hospitable, and accessible to all
  • Offer options for alternative worship and community, including for smaller groups
  • Encourage the engagement with, service to, and development of community
  • Communicate the values and character of Hope Church
  • Address infrastructure issues that result in a building that costs more to operate than it should on a continuing basis

Welcoming, hospitable, and accessible to all

By this we mean unintimidating, with visual cues that invite and guide; an apparent, coherent, intuitive flow among spaces increases comfort. We also mean safe accessibility, especially to the sanctuary, with sensory and auditory comfort. We seek to instill a sense of the safety and emotional security of God’s house, which is a sanctuary.

Specifically, the proposed plan will

  • Include more options for barrier-free entrance to the sanctuary, including the narthex, chancel, and northeast and northwest doors, making that focus of our community safely accessible to all
  • Provide a covered walkway along the west side of the sanctuary, providing easy of access to all parts of the sanctuary and a link to the memorial garden
  • Provide a weather-protection canopy at the east (parking lot) entrance for comfort and safety
  • Renovate and expand Gathering Area for community interaction, including an open library
  • Improve lighting in the Education Wing
  • Relocate reception to be within the sightlines of the main entrance
  • Relocate the nursery so that it is both accessible and visible from the main entrance; include a space for nursing mothers
  • Include a family restroom

Options for alternative worship and community, including for smaller groups

By this we mean sacred space as an alternative and addition to the sanctuary, with flexible arrangements for different styles of worship. We also mean multiple spaces at different comfortable scales for groups of various sizes to gather simultaneously.

Specifically, the proposed plan will

  • Provide more small- and large-group meeting spaces with better acoustics, lighting, and flexible dividers for groups of different sizes
  • Provide a chapel for various alternative worship services, including small weddings, funerals, and special services throughout the liturgical year
  • Expand and refurbish a space for youth group activities, adjacent to new chapel for worship activities and in a new location for improved security through sight lines to the main entrance

Encouraging engagement with, service to, and development of community

By this we mean continuing to share the asset of our facility to meet needs in our community, both for ongoing use by organizations like Child Development Services and Washington School Neighbors and for community organizations needing an occasional meeting place. Our vision is a facility that is active, useful, and accessible throughout the week as well as on Sundays.

Specifically, the proposed plan will

  • Relocate Child Development Services and Washington School Neighbors offices to a more convenient space with separate entries
  • Improve lighting and safety for Child Development Services
  • Make available more flexible, better-equipped meeting rooms for those organizations and others
  • Our location in the city of Holland is part of our heritage and our witness; as a part of a neighborhood, maintain a proportion of green space we can share for appreciation, recreation, and sustainability.

Values and character of Hope Church

By this we especially mean to emphasize the centrality of worship—and creativity in it—to our lives together. Our sanctuary has proven to be a sacred space and is an important part of our legacy; we will change it as little as possible while accomplishing our objectives for the larger facility.

We also recognize our desire for and expectation of continued change: We value both our tradition and our pioneering. We desire to serve and witness to the community in which we live, in light of which we find value in our facility through what we’re able to do with it.

And finally, stewardship of our resources for God’s service is a value we recognize; leading in creation care is a vital part of that stewardship.

Specifically, the proposed plan will

  • Improve the audio-visual and lighting systems in the sanctuary, as well as the temperature control system
  • Add chapel as an alternative for smaller or alternative services, positioning the youth room adjacent in demonstration of the role of worship in our lives
  • Respond to our desire for stewardship and creation care through design, systems, and materials, equipping us for more sustainable operations; reduce operating costs per square foot, benefiting from criteria noted in various certification programs (like LEED)
  • Preserve and reuse stained glass windows from the Commons and Gathering Area

Infrastructure issues

By this we mean currently inefficient HVAC systems and energy, especially, and also limited incorporation of technology for sound, internet access, and media sharing. There are areas of our building and grounds that have required frequent repairs and maintenance or are not responsible with resources.

Specifically, the proposed plan will

  • Replace HVAC and electrical systems in all renovated areas of the facility, which includes all where current equipment is beyond useful life and in use throughout the week
  • Enclose the current courtyard space, which improves energy efficiency by reducing exposure of exterior walls
  • Add fire protection systems—both alarm and suppression—throughout the facility
  • Repair sanctuary stonework, stairs, and doors
  • Repave parking lot and drive

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