The earliest discussions about a substantive facility renovation began in 2011; discernment continued through the sesquicentennial celebrations. The current project scale and design brief were established in February 2014. A preliminary floorplan and investment were approved at the September 21 Congregational Meeting.

Our Schematic Design phase has begun, with interviews, meetings, and information-gathering to help identify and confirm requirements so that the design is best suited to our needs. The architects and engineers will work with those requirements to modify and flesh out the proposed preliminary floor plans.

At the same time, planning for a capital campaign is underway. The January 18, 2015, Congregational Meeting will include an update on both components of the Living Hope project. We won’t develop a complete schedule for construction until we’re assured we have the resources to complete it.

There are twelve sets of criteria or requirements currently being explored. When possible, discussions will be held within related Ministries; sometimes there are experts by profession or Hope Church role who can provide a starting point. Requirements will be posted on this website as they are available; those who’d like to comment are welcome to participate on this site, via the contact form, through email, dropping off notes in the church office, or by requesting a meeting for in-person discussion.

  • Chapel: To be discussed at Worship, Prayer, and Spirituality meeting on January 14, and open for discussion via an online form. Anyone may contribute to the discussion; if additional thoughts occur, another form can be submitted.
  • Administrative offices for church staff: To be discussed at staff meeting on January 19.
  • Administrative offices we host for community organizations: Discussions scheduled with Washington School Neighbors on January 22 and with Child Development Services on January 15.
  • Gathering and hospitality functions: To be discussed with Fellowship Ministry on January 19
  • Nursery: To be discussed with Christian Education Ministry on January 19
  • Youth room: In progress…
  • Commons and meeting rooms: In progress…
  • Sanctuary: In progress…
  • Considerations for music and choir: Specific focus with Rhonda Edgington and Brian Carder
  • Site plans and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems: To be discussed with Building & Grounds Ministry (plus Paul Elzinga and Joe Novakowski) on January 21
  • Arts-friendly facilities: Task force meeting on January 15
  • Library: To be discussed with Christian Education Ministry on January 19

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